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A Bio-Friendly RESIN & ORGANICS Remover

Resin Remover, Degreaser, Organics Remover. Safe for all parts and equipment not effected by water.

Effective Resin and Organics cleaning

  • Non – toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Gives off no petroleum fumes or heavy odours
  • Bio-degradable
  • Economical – Mixes with up to 30 parts water
  • Has a corrosion inhibitor (Safe on Equipment)

What about OTHER Cleaners?

  • ISO is a poor cleaner, flammable, storage issues, toxic, reacts with other chemicals.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide stains, damages skin, affects roller bearings etc.
  • Peroxy Acetic poor cleaner, hard on equipment, damages skin, needs ventilated area.
  • Quaternaries (anything that smells nice) poor cleaners, kills aquatic life, isolates for certain organisms.
  • Most General Cleaning Products not designed for resin, slow acting, poor cleaning, hard to handle, cause corrosion. Acids cause burns and rust, Alkalines cause skin damage and can cause rust.
CannabClean 1L

Cannab-Clean 1L

Model # Cann12X1
Sold in case quantities of 12
Wholesale: $165.20/case
Retail: $223.50/case

CannabClean 4L

Cannab-Clean 4L

Model # Cann4X4
Sold in case quantities of 4
Wholesale: $159.23/case
Retail: $215.00/case

CannabClean 20L

Cannab-Clean 20L

Model # Cann20
Sold in quantities of 1
Wholesale: $185.40/each
Retail: $250.00/each

CannabClean 208L

Cannab-Clean 208L Drum

Model # Cann208
Sold in quantities of 1
Wholesale: $1443.75/each
Retail: $1949.00/each


Cannab-Clean 1000L Tote

Model # Cann1000 
Sold in quantities of 1
Wholesale: $6,187.50/each
Retail: $8,353.00/each

Totes have a $400.00 deposit.
FOB our facility.


Use a dilution of 1 part Cannab-Clean with up to 20 parts water,
depending on severity of resin/organic buildup.

  • Soak parts: 1:10 (Let stand 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Soak Overnight: 1:30
  • Equipment foaming: 1:20 (Let stand 5-10 minutes)
  • General cleaning: 1:20

(May be used on all choppers, snippers, tables, benches, cutters, floors, walls, etc.) Use of neoprene gloves and safety glasses are recommended when using this product.

If used in food processing equipment, ensure a proper potable water rinse to remove all traces of Cannab-Clean. (Rinse to a pH neutral (7.0))


This product may be re-used up to 5 times. Simply skim or drain offthe organics. This makes Cannab-Clean one of the most cost efficient cleaners on the market.

Safety First:

This product is an alkaline type detergent, that brings a new kind of chemistry to many difficult cleaning jobs. It emulsifies, absorbs and floats away the hardest of resin, organics, greases and oils. It penetrates gums and dyes. It loosens stubborn soils and accumulations, which are unaffected by caustics and dangerous solvents.

Safer to use… Safer on equipment.

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