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Foggers / Sprayers / Misters

Fast Effective Coverage of Hard to Reach Areas

Foggers are meant to be an easy, fast way to reach distant environmental areas that may have become harborages of pathogens, or Covid.

Fog Droplet Size in Microns

  • 0 – 5 Vapour/Aerosol
  • 5 -10 Mist/Fog
  • 10 – 20 Fog
  • 20 – 50 Fog/Heavy Fog
  • 50 – 80 Fog/Spray
  • 80 – 300 Spray/Rain

Why use our Foggers?

  • We have been fogging for over five years and have field tested over 50 foggers
  • We provide fogging training
  • We match the appropriate fogger to your job
  • We ensure that your Disinfectant/Sanitizer will work your fogger
  • We warranty all of the foggers we provide
Ninja Mini Sprayers

Ninja Mini Sprayer

4 – 10 Ft.
Integrated battery USB Charge

Minion Iconic Sprayer

Minion Ionic Sprayer

5 – 10 Ft.
Two Batteries

Fogmaster Jr

Fogmaster Jr. ULV

10 -15 Ft.

Hurricane ULV

Hurricane Ultra ULV Fogger

20 – 25 Ft.

Hurricane ES

Hurricane ES Sprayer

30 – 40 Ft.
Electrostatic Technology

Mini Autofog

Mini Autofog (ULV)

40 – 80  Ft.

PulsFog Turbo

PulsFog Turbo Hybrid

50 – 75  Ft.


BP-4Li Backpack Sprayer

10 – 25 Ft.
Removable battery, 1 hour application

Terminator Electrostatic

Terminator Electrostatic ULV

25 – 45 Ft.
Integrated 6 Hour Battery

SLVH AutoFog


45 – 100  Ft.

LVH Autofog


55 – 120  Ft.

General Directions:

500 sq. ft. areas or less, allow product to billow at corners.

  • Fill: Place Ultralyte Disinfectant in fogger or dispenser / Fill to set line
  • Prepare: Make sure that the room has been cleaned and prepped.
  • Cords: Ensure your extension cord is long enough to reach all areas
  • Fog setting: Adjust your fog setting to deliver an approximate 5-10 micron droplet size
  • Fog: Start fogger and direct fog to all areas of the room (20-30 seconds).  Ensure no moisture accumulates on walls
  • Inspect: Check to make sure coverage is complete. Re-fog if necessary.
  • Stand: Let product stand for about 5-10 minutes for maximum effect.
  • Air dry: If possible, open windows, doors, or turn on ventilation.  Hard surfaces should be wiped if necessary.
    (Note: Surfaces affected by water alone, or electrical should not be sprayed directly.)


Research shows that the longer a disinfectant is on a surface, the more efficient and effective it will be in killing pathogens.

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